The system which is internationally known for easy and long-lasting maintenance of durable concrete paving blocks and slabs.

Easy to clean and durable
The concrete , as well as natural stone, possesses fine capillaries that can be penetrated by moisture and dirt. CleanTop CF 90 drastically reduces the permeability to moisture and dirt and guarantees:

  • Low absorption of dirt
  • Easy to clean
  • Natural aspect as well as surface protection
  • Resistance to algae and moss
  • Resistance to ice and anti-freeze salt

Surfaces require less frequent cleaning operations and stains can be removed simply with water and mild cleaning products.

Long-term protection
The Clean Top system is part of the production process. The protection penetrates the entire solid or concrete slab and becomes part of it. Unlike other protective or impregnating products, CleanTop is not affected by mechanical injury or the effect of weathering and, the deterioration of the material and the color is significantly lower than that of unprotected surfaces or surfaces protected by alternative systems. The low absorption of dirt and the speed of cleaning were scientifically proven by the Ruhr University of Bochum (Germany) and have been tested for over 10 years. The advantages of this technology are highlighted by the decision of McDonald's to use CleanTop products in Germany, Austria, USA, Sweden and Canada for particular areas that need more intense cleaning.

Cleantop Demonstration