Ediltubi S.p.A., a dynamic company in the concrete construction element business, offers its consolidated experience to the market with passion for quality and ambition for excellence.
Constant research and equipment modernization respecting the environment are the basis of new highly technical products. Besides concrete paving blocks and blocks for technical and architectonic masonry, the Company offers components for kerbstones, urban furniture, equipment and accessories for water treatment. Product quality, constantly monitored by the in-house laboratory, and the Quality System, certified and periodically monitored by ICMQ (Italian certifying body), guarantee the observance of rules and regulations in the sector.
The creation of Ediltubi Global Service, with the development of design services, technical consultancy, transportation, laying and maintenance together with SOA and ISO 9001 certifications, position Ediltubi S.p.A. amongst leading Companies in the masonry and paving business.